PageCarton Community

This is the PageCarton Development Community. PageCarton is an opensource Content Management System (CMS) written in PHP. A CMS is simply a tool used to make websites that doesn't require codes to maintain. A major principle of open-source software development is peer production, with products such as source code, "blueprints", and documentation available to the public at no cost.

Whether you are best programmer in town, your graphics design could make mouth water or you are just good at getting things done, this is a place for you to help out. We seek to make PageCarton even better. Join the growing community of great minds that are building the web in an exciting way. Get Involved in Building PageCarton

Community Subgroups

Because PageCarton is a big project, we hope to have a big community comprising of people across the world. Also, we have subgroups to cater for skill-specific conversations. We understand that not everyone is going to be programmers or designers so we need to have separate groups. This will help to cater for individual interests that still fall within the common goal of making PageCarton better.

Each subgroups is independent of the other but individuals are allowed to be members of more than one subgroups. Each subgroups will have the group managers and there's going to be a group leader, we will allow some sort of autonomy in the subgroups, whereby group members could decide who manages or lead the group.

For now, we have the following subgroups.

  1. Management
    1. Weekly chats on #management on at Sunday 8pm
    2. Manages the whole project
    3. Contribute ideas for funding/investment opportunities for the project.
    4. Contribute ideas in business decisions
  2. Core:
    1. Weekly chats on #core on at Fridays 8pm
    2. Write the main PageCarton codes
    3. Fix bugs
    4. Contribute in decision makings in PageCarton releases.
  3. Design
    1. Weekly chats on #design on at Sunday 8pm
    2. Design user interfaces.
    3. Design branding materials for the project.
    4. Develop a user experience (UX) strategy for PageCarton
  4. Outreach
    1. Weekly chats on #outreach on at Sunday 8pm
    2. Organize outreach and training programs.
    3. Meet-ups and hackatons and developers hangouts.
  5. Mobile
    1. Weekly chats on #mobile on | Sunday 8pm
    2. Builds apps for iOS, Andriod and Windows and other mobile platforms.
    3. Builds UI for the mobile apps with help from the designers.
  6. Support
    1. Weekly chats on #support on | Sunday 8pm
    2. Answer questions users ask on usage of PageCarton on platforms like stackoverflow, github, Google groups, yahoo answers and other forums.
    3. Builds a frequently asked questions
  7. Documentation
    1. Weekly chats on #documentation on | Saturdays 8pm
    2. Helps to write about how to use PageCarton.
    3. Creating documents users will find easy and handy when working with PageCarton.
    4. Develop content (written and/or audiovisuals) for PageCarton web pages.
  8. Templates
    1. Weekly chats on #template at Sunday 8pm
    2. Design themes, layouts templates for PageCarton
    3. Review templates submitted by others.
  9. Extensions
    1. Weekly chats on #extension on at Sunday 8pm
    2. Build extensions - plugins, modules and widgets
    3. Review extensions submitted by other developers
  10. Training
    1. Weekly chats on #training on at Sunday 8pm
    2. Builds, compile and distribute materials that could be used to teach PageCarton. Materials could be downloadable like video tutorials etc.
    3. Produce materials that the PageCarton Evangelists will need for outreaches.